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DC Universe Online

Post by Dark Nacho on Sat Apr 18, 2015 12:37 pm

First this is not for cheats or bla bla bla
So Hi I want to ask if anybody is to crazy as me for get the Dcuo platinium trophy and all dlc to 100% with me Very Happy
I want to get them on ps4 on the us and eu vertion (yes it have the trophies 2 times on ps4)
But if you don't have ps4 is no problem becuase the same ps3 save can be use on ps4 because is all on the server so I can play it on the ps3 and then load the save on the ps4.
Like all you knows the DCUO is a free2play game but if we wantto have the trophies we must pay the membership the good is that if we pay the membership we have all the dlc but is a little expensive he best is make almost all that is posible first without the membership and then when we know almost all we pay 1 moth membership hthe most cheap almost 20 usd
So anybody want to do thus trophies with me?

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