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Undoing Cheats?

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Undoing Cheats? Empty Undoing Cheats?

Post by Gs382 on Wed Jun 03, 2015 12:09 am

Is it possible to undo the effects of certain cheats in Bruteforce to an already encrypted save? Lets take for instance Final Fantasy X HD. The Blitzball cheats for instance, the Blitzball All Players All Tech code VS Tidus Blitzball All Tech. Can I remove Blitzball All Players All Tech and keep Tidus Blitzball All Tech if i just take the save back into Bruteforce or will the code choices from Bruteforce not allow me to undo a mistake? I'm asking because i want to face harder opponents in blitzball but at the same time i want to remove it after. Is this possible?


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Undoing Cheats? Empty Re: Undoing Cheats?

Post by pupped on Wed Jun 03, 2015 11:37 pm

well if there isn't a code to reset, than the only choices you have are to use a save bevor the code was aplled (always backup a save befor apllieng codes) or to reset the changed values manually. The only thing you can do beseide that is to load the save und see if you can change back ingame. In case of blitzball if i remember correctly you can reset the Techs ingame if you reset the league.


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