pfdtool.exe has stopped working Error

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pfdtool.exe has stopped working Error Empty pfdtool.exe has stopped working Error

Post by Cyriusblade on Sun Jun 12, 2016 6:51 am

I have hit a wall while trying to mod a save using Bruteforce. I downloaded bruteforce 4.6 to try to use a modded save I downloaded for Final Fantasy x HD Remaster for my PS3, and I kept encountering and error after I fixed the error with mvsbvm50. Whenever I open up Bruteforce I get the error pfdtool.exe has stopped working. I uninstalled and tried again and got something telling me to download "Microsoft visual c++ 2010 redistributable package (x64)" to make pfdtool work properly. When I tried to download the Microsoft package I saw that it was not compatible with my OS, Windows 8. <--- Here's the wall. I need help to figure out how to get the pfdtool.exe to work so I can use Bruteforce.


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